About Melior Ltd

Melior Ltd is a well-established company specialising in the IT industry, and the provision of IT solutions. Our company is driven by a mixture of experienced IT professionals and young, motivated graduates from 1st class universities. Melior Ltd is very proud of the synergy achieved through our combination of experience, inspiration, and creativity, which helps provide optimal solutions and technology, within the IT industry.

We prioritise the fulfillment of customer expectations, and the delivery of services and solutions that are guaranteed to innovate, and add business value. All projects benefit from our utmost attention, and are subject to careful planning, analysis, scrutiny, and customer consultation, prior to implementation.

At Melior Ltd, we are confident that any completed project will greatly enhance the potential of our customer to effectively compete in the challenging and dynamic world of business.

Our offices are currently located in Limassol, Cyprus just minutes away from the highway.


Software Development
Web Development
Web Design
Web Hosting



At Melior IT Solutions we take our job very seriously. We prioritise professionalism in our work, responses, delivery and support.


We adhere to strict deadlines. When a proposal is given to the Melior team, we examine the project, and provide the customer with an appropriate deadline. We always deliver on time, to the customer’s exact specifications.

Low Prices

People often associate the word cheap with low quality. What’s worse however are expensive prices coupled with low quality results, that’s really disappointing. How about low prices and excellent quality results? That is what we can offer you at Melior IT solutions. With a new, innovative programming collaboration system, we are able to offer high quality products at low prices.


Customer Support

Our highly trained Customer support team are always on hand, to clarify any queries, or help overcome any difficulties that may arise during implementation, and after delivery.


“We are website Owners too!”

We know first hand the frustration caused by a low quality product or service, resulting in potential customers being turned away because of it… That is why, at Melior Ltd, we carefully collect information about our customers, to provide them with the best quality products, leaving them, and their customers, fully satisfied.


We pride ourselves on our ability to provide customers with the latest technological advances, tailored to their needs. Our support plans include security and platform updates upon release.

Our projects



  Project Type: Website Main Programming Languages: Php, MySQL CMS: Yes(WordPress) Website: www.etsi.co Purpose: E-shop


Prime Insurance

  Project Type: Website Main Programming Languages: Asp .Net , MSSQL CMS: Yes(Kentico) Website: www.primeinsurance.eu Purpose: Information & Easy access to contracts


Kings Avenue Mall

  Project Type: Website Main Programming Languages: Asp .Net , MSSQL CMS: Yes(Kentico) Website: www.kingsavenuemall.com Purpose: Information & Customer support



  Project Type: Website Main Programming Languages: Asp .Net , MSSQL CMS: No Website: www.ergodotisi.com Purpose: Powerful tool for Job Vacancies

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