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Melior and its team of IT Specialists are the optimal external provider of IT Solutions for all your needs. Whether it be for newly established companies lacking in IT experience, or upgrading an existing IT department with fresh innovative solutions, our services enable companies to focus on their core business. With a broad network of partners in the IT industry, and a team of young, motivated professionals, Melior is guaranteed to provide you with the best solutions.

The outsourcing of IT solutions is common nowadays, for various reasons:

  • Cost Saving: Instead of running its own in-house IT department, a company can benefit from employing Melior’s wide range of services for a small fee. Melior also ensures the lowest prices on products available on the market.
  • Time Saving: A company’s daily IT problems are challenges Melior has faced before, and solved in no time. Time saving is essential for the effeciency of any department.
  • Focus on Core Business: Let our experts tune your IT department so you can focus on your core business.
  • Improved Quality: Our experienced IT professionals are here to offer the latest and most efficient solutions available on the market.
  • Knowledge base: Through our online ticketing service, we are at your disposal at any time to offer our technical support.
  • Scalability: We design and implement our solutions, accounting for a temporary or permanent change in the production of your company.
  • Operational expertise: Access to operational best practices that would be too difficult, or time consuming to develop in-house.