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E-learning Services

An effective learning experience emerges through designed opportunities, that consider the needs of the target audience, and satisfy the learning objectives. Therefore, our training, consulting, and learning solutions are based on the analysis of the needs, the iterative design and development of the courses, online and on-site implementations, as well as the evaluation of the outcomes. Our services include:

  • Needs Analysis and Assessment: We identify the needs for each learning situation, the audience’s needs, and assess all the parameters in order to define the learning objectives, the course designs, and all the related characteristics of the problem at hand. We assess the learning context and consider its affordances, which enables us to tackle each problem at its core, set timelines, and provide just the right instructional solutions for each situation.
  • Evaluation: We evaluate each learning phase of a course by providing formative and summative assessments tools. We design and embed tests that capture the learner’s progression throughout course and we create opportunities for feedback.
  • Training: Training can take place online or on-site, depending on the audience’s needs and on the nature of the course. Throughout training sessions, we create scenario-based situations, where learners must work on real-life problems they will probably encounter later on.
  • Curriculum Development: We collaborate with clients and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to define the content, structure, and design and develop a curriculum that responds to the learning objectives. We design, develop, implement, monitor, and evaluate all phases of a learning curriculum to ensure quality in learning and success in future applications.
  • Blended Learning solutions: We design and deliver instruction in blended settings, combining online and on-site meetings with our learning audience. In blended learning, we define a number of face-to-face meetings in which we facilitate activities that enhance the learning experience. We also provide and receive feedback for further improvements of our designed experiences.
  • Classroom Learning solutions: During classroom implementations we facilitate and support effective implementation of the curriculum, and monitor the course of the learning experience by delivering social activities that require teamwork. This mainly aims at bringing learners together, cultivating a collaborative culture among the members of teams, and guiding conflict resolution. Individual work is also supported and feedback is provided at key points.
  • Job aids: Our courses consist of multiple job aids that aim at supporting learners’ work, and enhance knowledge application, as well as performance. Job aids aim at relieving learners’ memory from having to hold too much information and for a long time, and therefore, focusing on effective performance rather than memorizing abstract information.
  • User manuals: We provide manuals to assist people in using different systems and products.