Whilst traditional learning experiences are derived mainly through linear instruction, we design effective learning solutions that are

  • flexible
  • interactive
  • performance-based
  • goal oriented
  • learner centered
  • scenario-based
  • context driven

Our learning solutions aim at resolving the particular problems of each business, through processes that create conversational relationships with the clients, and reveal their actual needs. The instructional design process creates opportunities for addressing multiple issues, and adding value to the organization’s development. This is important for saving money for the organization, as well as for optimizing its performance within the market. Flexibility, interactivity, and engagement are core characteristics for the success of our courses. The goals and objectives guide the designs of the courses and the learning activities, as well as the assessment practices. The appropriate instructional strategies are chosen and used for designing flexible and engaging learning experiences. We adopt a systemic approach that considers the instructional problems in relation to the context they occur in, and allows investigation of all the related parameters. This allows design and delivery of authentic learning experiences, adjusted to the learning objectives, and defined in co-ordination with each client. This process informs solutions that are tailored according to the set objectives. Performance-based learning and scenario-based learning emphasize using new knowledge to respond to real-work issues. This facilitates situated understanding of the content as well as successful performance in new situations. The feedback provided throughout the authentic learning experience also enhances the quality of performance, and creates opportunities for reflection.