How can I purchase a website?

  1. At first you will need to contact us with your details, company details, the purpose of the website, and any future developments you may need.
  2. Collecting this information will help our experienced team find the most suitable design, and the appropriate platform upon which to develop your website.
  3. Then you will receive an email with proposed designs and functionalities from our team, including the price, and the time needed for developing your website, and as soon as you reply your website development will begin.

What if I already have a website and I only need Web hosting?

There is nothing to worry about; Melior Ltd offers web hosting at low prices. Just contact us through our page with your contact details, the hosting plan that you prefer and we will help you upload your website in no time.

How can I purchase sms from Melior Bulk SMS?

First you need to register on our website and then contact us to purchase one of our sms packages.

What is the procedure for purchasing a Microsoft product?

Please email us your details and the product that you wish to buy, and we will respond with all the necessary details.

Sending SMS with Melior Bulk SMS