Software Development

Melior is proud to be one of the most rapidly growing custom development and software outsourcing companies in Cyprus. Our growth and success is based on our enthusiasm, the innovation we apply to every project, our speed of implementation, and the versatile pool of skills possessed by our software development professionals. Their expertise encompass a wide range of custom programming skills including the leading, most effective, development technologies, practices, and tools currently available such as Java, PHP, and .NET.

We can handle every aspect of your software project. We put serious thought into all of your requests to ensure the best interests of the business will be met. As a result, leveraging a wide range of tools and platforms, we can bring you the perfect solution at the perfect price. A software system exists to meet the expectations of its stakeholders, which are expressed as functional and non-functional requirements. Processed by our team of architects, these requirements are communicated to the development team who implement and ensure the quality of the software.

Software Engineering

At Melior, we create solutions for every project we engage in by following the software life cycle of planning, design, and implementation. For simpler tasks, we use our experience working on similar projects, and our inherent ability to form abstract concepts, and factor them into the project at hand. For more complex and sophisticated projects we follow well established patterns and practices to reassure the stakeholder’s concerns. These include some of the most recognized international standards (UML diagrams – ISO/IEC 19501).

We acknowledge your requirements, design your system, and ensure that the implementation matches your needs, which can sometimes differ from what you initially had in mind. We build systems with maintainability, security, scalability and testability in mind right from the beginning of the project.


The last stage of our system design cycle is validation, to ensure that the stakeholder’s concerns are properly addressed. We perform unit tests to validate single functionatilites, and integration tests to see how the system coexists with other systems and applications. Finally, we run acceptance tests to verify how users feel about the application.